Lobsta Chowda Beeya: 10 Days in Maine

Our next stop after Vermont was a week in Boothbay, Maine, where we met up with the Burrell famlily—awesome!—another fulltime family we haven’t seen since April. We  stayed at the Shore Hills Campground and RV Park, which is a nice little resort nestled just outside of Boothbay Harbor.

The first night we found out that the Burrell’s oldest son, who is an actor performing in various plays at a local theatre throughout the summer, was performing in the final show of “Spamalot”—a hilarious play inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We were offered 2 seats for Heather and I to attend, which we graciously accepted—oh yes!

Right before the play, we made a quick trip into town to grab a bite to eat at a local food shack called Dunton’s Doghouse. They cooked up your standard fast food: hotdogs, burgers and brats, and everything was AWESOME. So awesome, apparently, that the surrounding seagulls like to hang out on top of nearby telephone poles, and dive-bomb to grab your meal when you least expect it. Turn your head and your food could be gone! It happened to one of the Burrell’s kids, and it was pretty spectacular.

After eating, we headed to the theater to grab some good seats and a parking spot. Although the playhouse was on the smaller side, every show has been sold out, and that night’s show wasn’t an exception.

In the end, the play was about 2 hours long with an intermission, and it was delightfully amusing! It really was great to see folks passionate about entertaining others—and it was so much more enjoyable to see something like that in person.

Over the course of our first week, we visited the Historic Lighthouse at Pemaquid Point and climbed the rock formations along the rocky beach, milled around Boothbay harbor and grabbed some deeeelish ice-cream from the Ice Cream Factory, a place that has a perpetual line of people meandering out of its door. We also met a new family who was visiting for the weekend, who were long-time friends of the Burrell family. They also had a young daughter who they adopted from China, and she was almost the same age as Divagirl—they formed an instant bond, and it was so cute, as they both unintentionally shared the same taste in fashion (they both wore sun dresses), had the same length of hair, and were packed full of energy. It was fantastic!

The kids were also completely occupied since they have friends their ages to play with everyday.

Our first week breezed by, and aside from a handful of high heat and humid days, the weather was great – sunny blue skies almost everyday. Originally we were scheduled to leave on a Thursday, but the Burrell’s, along with our own desire to stick around longer, made us extend our stay.

We really enjoyed spending a few more days with friends in the Northeast before starting our trek westward.

I just wish we had time for one more wicked pahty!



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