More Fun in Delaware

Divagirl and I have spent several days now with our friends while Jason worked at home and the boys worked on their lessons. Yesterday Jennifer took us to Amish country. We went to an Orchard and got some delicious apple cider doughnuts and the girls played on tire swings shaped like sea horses. They had a blast. Then we went to an all-purpose general store and enjoyed looking around; there was so much to look at and explore! My favorite was seeing the simple clothes hung perfectly ordered on the clotheslines to dry.

Today Divagirl’s poison ivy rash was doing so much better, it was hardly swollen at all this morning, which was good considering she hoped to join the girls at their homeschool gymnastics class. We headed over to their house again to meet up for gymnastics. Divagirl loved it! She got to do the vault, trampoline, tumbling, and uneven bars during that hour. Trampoline was definitely her strongest event.

She jumped SO HIGH!

Since she was feeling better we decided she could have her sleepover tonight, so after gymnastics Jennifer took the girls to the pool and I headed back home. She had so much fun!

Meanwhile, Jason, the boys and I headed into Old New Castle to poke around. Delaware is the first established state, so the houses are historic, dating back several hundred years. We hung out at Battery Park and enjoyed the perfect weather—no humidity, finally!

I was able to skate yesterday and today at very quiet morning freestyle sessions at the University of Delaware. The ice was really nice for a hockey rink. It was nice to skate with a couple adult skaters I met at Sectionals there, too. Not sure when I’ll get the opportunity to skate again.

We’re going to miss our Delaware friends!

As for the park where we stayed, I wouldn’t recommend it. At all. While we didn’t have any incidents we found out from others that the motel out front is known for drug dealing and prostitution. It also was pretty expensive for what you get: $35 for 30 amp power, water and sewer on a grassy field. No bath/shower houses and the laundry had duct tape all over the washers/dryers. No wifi, no…anything really. But choices were really limited in this area so we made do. The residents were all very nice and quiet and kept to themselves for the most part. The air raid sirens were interesting though.

There is a nuclear reactor not too far from here and there’s a sign on the highway that says if you hear the sirens for more than 3 min to tune in to radio 1180 for directions. We were hearing the sirens randomly and wondering if it was a tornado, nuclear incident, or something else? It turns out they have an entirely volunteer fire department so every time someone calls 911, the siren goes off to let the volunteers know there is an emergency. It is pretty efficient too, since less than 5 min after the horn blows I can hear the trucks leaving. Did I mention we are right next door? Heh. Yeah. Good times.

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So thankful you parked in DE as long as you did…we enjoyed your company so much! You know where to stop if you ever roam this way again!! :) Maybe someday we’ll be free to roam a bit also!! LOL!! Ok…you are rolling on that small floor of yours at the thought of us doing that given the crazy that is here right now. But, we have hope for someday. ha, ha!

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