Mr. S’s Critter Friends

Several of the places we’ve stayed are technically family friendly but not really in practice, requiring an adult to be with said child (under 18 or under 21) at ALL times. Since Mr. S is our explorer, he was quite bored. Some might say he went a little nuts.

Yeah, about those acorns…the shade is nice but they sound like gunfire when they rain down on the roof all night. Just sayin.

He stalked our campsite like a hawk and found lots of little critters such as snakes, lizards, anoles and frogs. He could spot one at 50 paces!

All creatures were “catch and release,” none were harmed during these investigations ;)

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I just discovered your website from your Father, Dave. This is going to be one of the best regular visitor’s to your adventures. I am a personal friend of your Grandmother, Karol. My home is in Tucson, AZ and have traveled with your Grandmother in her motorcoach when she moves between Spokane and Benson, AZ for the winter months. Your boys were very small when I last saw you in Spokane. It is amazing to see them so grown-up. How about some pictures of you too?

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