New Mexico

Another night at a Holiday Inn Express. Designerd was able to do a little work last night at the motel. Back on the road around 9am local time.

Made it through to Amarillo, Texas after about 9 hours driving. Weather has been hot and sunny. Mr. S is getting a tiny taste of humidity, hehe, it still feels dry to us. We’ve decided that Texas is all about oil and meat.

Lots of feed lots — stinky!

From Amarillo we drove through 13 hours to Shreveport, Louisiana and stayed at a full service Holiday Inn (for the same cost as an express in other states) for the night. We’re really starting to crave real food. The plan is to do another 13 hours and make it to Florida tomorrow.

We’re stopping every hour and a half or so. The further east we go the cheaper the gas prices get. The highest was $4.49 and so far the cheapest has been $2.89.

The Spring Peepers are awesome in the south. We can hear the frogs, locusts and cicadas all day and night. Mr. S found a cicada in the parking lot in Louisiana.

Pretty cool!

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