New Table: Part 2

Our custom dining room table and bench seats are done! Finito! Finally.

The table is secured to the wall and the floor, and we have 2 additional chairs that sit on the open side of the table. The bench seats, which coooould fit adult-sized humans, are primarily for the kids.

But the bench seats are made from a custom sheet of plywood, which is attached to two custom unfinished wood cabinets which we…finished. We thought they were a good alternative as they provide additional storage underneath, which is a bonus.

The final touches will be making some custom cushions for the bench, as well as an upholstered back rest. I’m just glad the major construction is done – I like checking things off of a list!

How We Did It

I’ve had a few friends ask for the nitty gritty details regarding our remodeling efforts – how did you build that, is that custom – things of that nature. As a quick update to this post, I decided to start a “How We Did It” section to outline the steps we take to build our various projects. Buckle up, here we go!

Dining Table

The table, in its entirety, was custom designed and built. We shopped around for various motorhome-specific tables, but they either didn’t fit our space, or were ridiculously expensive. So after a number of sketches, we decided on the shape, and planned on securing it permanently in place – originally we toyed with the idea of building something that would fold out of the way, or expand to make more surface area etc. but we couldn’t come up with anything that made logical sense.

Once we decided on the direction, the table was built and painted white, then we decoupaged a map of the world over the surface, which we then covered with about 5 coatings of clear-coat. To secure it in place, custom wood legs were built at one end, in a simple V-shape to allow for leg-room, and the other end was secured to the small wall we built as part of the entryway. It’s not something you can play and jump on, but it’s sturdy and seats all 5 of us when we add our two dining room chairs.

Bench Seats

In order to fit the space, and provide the most seating room, we decided to create an L-shaped bench from two unfinished wood cabinets we bought from a surplus warehouse. The cabinets also doubled as extra storage space, which was a nice bonus. We then cut an L-shaped piece of plywood to place over the cabinets, and provide the foundation for the seat cushions. To help keep the cushions from sliding around, we also cut out an L-shaped piece of carpet and glued that to the plywood. The cabinets were then painted white, and attached directly to the floor, so they’re nice and sturdy. We also wired in an extra outlet at the end of one of the cabinets for convenience :)


To make it comfortable when sitting against the window side of the table, we removed the lower half of the window sill, so there was room to lean back and sit with a normal posture. We did our best to taper the cut of the window frame so it quasi-looks like it was designed that way. Then my lovely wife hand made the seat cushions, which were constructed of left-over natural latex foam (which we used for our custom bed mattresses) and then covered in fabric. The backrest was constructed of padding covered in the same fabric as the seat cushions, and then stapled to a sheet of plywood.

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