New York, New York!


We visited the big city many years ago, and this time we had a schedule and people to see, so we were looking forwarded to our day trip(s) into NYC. We knew our options were limited when it came to parking, as there are few places close to the big city that accommodate RV’sAfter weighing our options, and doing a little research, we decided to hang out at the Liberty Harbor RV Park for a few days.

Liberty Harbor is located in Jersey City, NJ, which is just across the river from downtown NYC. Our backup alternative was to boondock at the Seacaucus Walmart parking lot and taking a bus into NYC, but given that we aren’t setup for boondocking yet, we chose Liberty Harbor and crossed our fingers :)

It turned out that it was a safe, although depressed, area adjacent to the Liberty Harbor Marina. The NY Waterway ferry is a 30 second walk across the parking lot and drops you off about 10 minutes later in the financial district of New York City. In terms of convenience and commute time, it was perfect, if you ask me.

The park itself was rather bare bones—ultimately, you are paying for the convenience and proximity to the Big Apple. A total of 50 sites are packed in tight, on what appears to be a parking lot, with hook-ups for power and water. There is a building not too far away that houses the men’s & women’s restrooms and showers, a laundry room and two private gyms. The men’s room I’m told is very nice. The women’s, not so much. Most of the toilets or showers were missing at least one key functional piece (shower head, flush valve, on/off handle), and the laundry was expensive: $3.00 per washer and $2.50 per dryer, but the ones that weren’t out-of-order worked well. But in the end, you don’t stay here for the amenities, you stay here to go to the city!

We stayed for 3 nights. The first day was a travel day, so it was spent setting up and getting used to our surroundings. The last day the weather turned for the worst, so we spent the day at home. But the second day, it was just right. We caught the ferry in the morning, took far longer than necessary to navigate the subway system, then walked a generous number of city blocks up to midtown. Actually, we didn’t take into account the amount of time it would actually take to get from place to place. I think I also had grandiose ideas of what we could accomplish.

We finally arrived in Midtown East where we met my friend, Christy, from Hilton High School. She works at the Japan Society and we viewed the latest exhibit, Edo Pop. The famous “Wave” print was featured. The print itself as surprisingly not that big, only about 24×36. We were expecting something larger, much like seeing Mount Rushmore for the first time :)

After touring the exhibit, we grabbed a nice lunch at an Japanese udon restaurant while we caught up on the last 25 years.

After lunch we headed back to Rockefeller Center and went up to the top of the Rock to see the views. It was a nice, cool, overcast day, but the views weren’t spectacular. We could see the clouds rolling towards us, with subtle hints of rain coming our way.

I had intended to hang out in Central Park, but it was getting late so instead we headed to the Garment District so I could browse. On the way we stopped by a Japanese Sweets place, Marimoto, and bought a sampler box. We held onto the box for awhile until everyone felt like a snack, then we paused on the sidewalk and devoured the entire box. Yum!

The garment district did not disappoint, I only wished we had more time. I went into M&J Trimmings which awed me with floor to ceiling ribbons, laces, feathers, bindings and more. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t even buy anything! Next, one of my Facebook friends suggested Spandex World so I mapped it and it was just around the corner. There, I did pick up some underlining for a new skating costume and some grey jersey to make a skirt out of later. When I left the store it had begun to rain.

By now, we were reaching the end of the day, and everyone was growing hungry for dinner. Just across the street, from where we were going to catch the subway back to the ferry station, was a restaurant. After a short pause, we decided to just grab some food then, rather than forgo the ride home. So we bounded into Ruby Tuesday, sat down, chilled out, and had a filling meal. After all of the walking that day, I don’t think any of us wanted to get up and move :) Can I just say that this was the snazziest Ruby Tuesday I’ve ever been in?!

After dinner, we caught the subway back to the financial district, then took the ferry back home. Both rides were smooth and uneventful.

There was so much more I’d have loved to do, but as we’d already managed to spend 10 hours there, I guess it will have to wait for another trip.

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