Niagara Falls

Since we were homeless for a few days while Edelweiss was in the shop getting a new windshield, we headed up to Canada to see the “pretty” side of Niagara Falls and to explore Toronto.

The falls were awesome and crowded as usual. The kids were not impressed :-/

We still had phone service at this point.

From there we pushed on to Toronto, but it was a little further than we expected. The switch to metric was to be expected but did a number on our brains in calculating distances. Our phones stopped working about 20 km in. There goes our GPS! So we pretended it was 1990 and followed road signs.

Being so reliant on the internet, we had no plan for Toronto so we just drove around and discovered that Toronto drivers are a little on the crazy-impatient side. Yeesh! We drove around the Design District, Chinatown and Little Portugal. We looked for a place to stay the night but didn’t find a place that felt comfortable downtown so we maneuvered our way out of town.

We ended up staying at a Hampton Inn which was very affordable and had a Canadian dinner at Swiss Chalet. Their kids meal came with a Kinder Egg for dessert. As they are contraband in the US we were quite intrigued by this item. Turns out its just a foil wrapped chocolate egg with a plastic encased cheap (confusing) toy inside. Apparently Canadian children are smart enough not to swallow the golf ball sized toy inside. My child is also above the curve since we didn’t have a choking incident. Evidently most American kids cannot be expected to tell the difference between edible and inedible, hence the banning of this product in the US, for shame. This was also our nod to Father’s Day.

We ended up driving back to Rochester in the rain the next day so we couldn’t see the falls through the mist on the way home.

What we learned: Bring maps. Have a plan. Bring LOTS of cash for tolls.

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