Not Ready To Leave Ohio Yet

We ended up extending our stay at Cross Creek another day. We just had too much to do to leave just yet. Columbus is a mecca for all things shopping. If you can’t find it in Columbus, you probably don’t need it :)

We took advantage of Stacey’s Costco membership to get 4 new tires on the toad. After that nasty blow-out in West Virginia, we wanted to make sure we were safe enough to drive to Idaho. The aluminum wheel involved in the blow-out was too far gone to reuse, but as luck would have it, Columbus is home to the one and only Wheel Medic; they specialize in repairing and resurfacing aluminum and steel wheels. Although ours was beyond repair, they did have a couple used wheels in stock that were a perfect match for our Saturn at a fraction of the new cost. We got our spare tire mounted and ready for our next tire emergency.

While taking care of business before our next travel day, I was excited to schedule a pedicure at Eco Nail Spa in Powell. They used Gelish polish, which meant no dry time and it should last much longer than regular polish. I went with a candy-colored fuchsia.


Mr. T expressly wanted to check out Cabela’s while we were there. The store is massively huge…and it smells like cookies. We let him check out air rifles, but while in the aisle we met another family also checking out competition air rifles who said they don’t carry the right style of rifles. We learned that for competitive marksmanship, you need a rifle that doesn’t require you to change position in order to load it, which was great to know. They also told us of a few places online that sold what we were looking for; perhaps we can find one for him to practice with in the near future.

We also found a FedEx (Kinkos) to laminate an art print from our über talented friend, Daniel, so we could finally hang it on the kitchen door without it getting damaged by splashes. It looks awesome!

And finally, no trip to Columbus would have been complete without a trip to Easton Mall.

Divagirl and Mr. T were in need of some new sneakers – Divagirl was crushed (to say the least) when they didn’t have her first choice in her size, but conceded to the sub-par second choice if mommy could amp up the sparkle factor. They’re no Twinkle Toes, but they met with her approval.

How ever did I grow up without having light-up-glitter-studded-sequinned playground shoes?

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