On the Road Again

Even though the little Holiday Inn Express was clean and comfortable and had free wifi, we were all a little restless to be back on the road. The mechanic called us at 7:30am and said he had to go to Stockton to get the part. He got to the hotel around 10. He worked on it with Designerd’s assistance until almost noon. Mr. S and I hung out in the room watching Looney Tunes until we had to check out at 11 then we loitered in the lobby while we killed time with Sharky.

On another note, we will have to get the Little Peacock fixed when we get to FL because the stress of being tied to the trailer and going over ridiculously bumpy roads has caused a shock problem. Its leaking hydraulic fluid on the driver’s side. The least of our problems really.

We finally got back on the road at 12:30 after grabbing some McDonald’s for lunch. I think I heard something about a reimbursement from Uhaul. We’ll see…

We made it through to Barstow without event, stopping around 8:30pm for the night. Time to get a good night’s sleep and hopefully another dull day tomorrow ;)

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