Our Budding Herpetologist

Mr. S is smitten with reptiles. Actually, “voraciously impassioned” might be the more appropriate description. He’s able to identify all of his catches and has begun writing a book about his finds. He’s extremely gentle with them, and they are all catch-and-release. The other night we watched a NOVA documentary about the Lizard King, a biologist and expert lizard hunter, and Mr. S has now discovered his purpose in life: to be a reptile scientist like the one on the show.

NOVA Lizard King

In the park where we’re staying now, there is apparently a 6 inch long skink he’s been trying in vain to capture. It’s apparently very elusive and fast, and lives in a wood pile. He’s seen it 3 times so far, and attempts to capture it daily.

It’s fantastic to see him so passionate about something.

Oh yes, he’s also added the Australian outback as one of our places to visit.

As a quick side note, there’s a reptile shop within biking distance from where we are staying at the moment ― Herp Hobby Shop ― and he’s been frequenting to visit with their huge lizards. It’s a breeding center, so the selection is great. It’s a fantastic little shop tucked-away off the main street, and he has his eye on getting a bearded dragon of his own one of these days. We have absolutely no space for one while we travel, but we’ve told him it’s something we’ll look into when we eventually settle down somewhere.

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I flatly refuse to outfit edelweiss with pontoons so you can get to Australia. Good post this one. Glad to see Mr. S is keeping a record of his finds. Maybe he can get a job cleaning out cages at the hobby shop.

See ya soon.

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