Our Family


Our adventure started out as most do, with a desire to slow things down and experience life in newfound ways. As a connected family, wired to the bone with gadgets and fast paced lives, we often talked about traveling and seeing the world, but never seemed to find the time to act on our impulses.

Having lived in 8 states, at 14 different residences over 17 years, we’ve experienced our fair share of travel…but each move carried with it the standard baggage of relocating to a new area, starting a new job, creating new friendships, starting new schools…then giving all of that up and starting over.

It was hard to find time to live in the moment, to enjoy our time as a family living under the same roof. So when circumstances occurred that would allow us to follow our dream, we let the pieces fall into place, and acted on our impulses.

Our goal is to see as much of North America as we can in a year, then reevaluate our situation.

We can do it!

That’s the mindset anyway :)

In the end, we’re pretty adept at accepting change and rolling with the punches, which is working in our favor as we settle into this new, rather great, lifestyle.


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