Passing the Time

So what have we been up to? It has been so ridiculously hot and humid with enormous mosquitoes that we typically spend most days indoors. Designerd has been busy with work, the boys have been amusing themselves with unlimited electronics time, Divagirl has been bouncing off the walls and shadowing any person or animal who moves, and I have just been trying to cope. Some evenings, when it doesn’t thunderstorm, the kids are able to go with dad or grandpa to the neighbor’s pool. Here are some of the other activities we managed to get photos of:

Divagirl is learning some animal husbandry skills when she’s not amusing herself in the RV.

We had a BBQ and marshmallow roast planned but the weather had other plans. Not to be dismayed by the torrential downpour, the marshmallows were roasted anyways and the s’more assembling occurred indoors.

One nice thing about having an ex-sheriff as a grandpa, free target lessons. When the boys aren’t learning how to be deadly assassins, they enjoy cheating at boards games. Not really…well, maybe a little.

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