Peace River Campground

We purchased a Thousand Trails membership for the Southeastern US in December. For the price of 4-10 nights, it gives you 30 days free camping at any of their 28 locations and then $3/night after that for an entire year. We’ve already spent about a week at the Orlando Thousand Trails site in Clermont, FL and met some great people there. We are now at the Peace River site in Wauchula, FL and have met some new families as well as reconnecting with friends from Orlando.

The first night here we headed over to see our friends with 2 daughters around Divagirl’s age. She was literally jumping up and down with joy knowing they were here. And conversely they had been counting down the days until our arrival. She lucked out in meeting 2 more kids, a girl and a boy about her age and all the kids took turns playing hand held gaming devices and then had an impromptu dance party. The motorhome was rockin’! It sounded like a roomful of teenagers. No one would know the oldest was 8.

The next day we discovered a leak under the sink when we took out our printer to use (What? You don’t keep your printer under the kitchen sink??). Even after Designerd got a replacement part from the hardware store it still leaked. Another thing for my dad to do on Monday :(

Today we went down to the river. There was an alligator across the river sunning itself on the other bank. I guess people have had lots of success finding shark teeth and fossils here. Another family that was currently digging shared a couple shark teeth with the kids. It was very pretty and we saw purple dragonflies! Very cool. There was also a large tree stump that looked like the Keebler elves’ tree, we had to get a picture.

Its a really lovely area.

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