Pecan Park RV Resort

After hanging out at the state parks for a few day and before heading to the rally site, we needed to layover at a place with full hookups. We chose Pecan Park just north of Jacksonville. It was convenient in two ways:  one, that its only 90 min from where the rally will be held and secondly, its only 30 min from an ice rink. So of course that meant that before we pulled in we went straight to Jacksonville Iceplex for their afternoon freestyle session :) Its been way too long since my last practice and even with my good intentions, my off-ice workouts only happen about twice a week. I’m so out of shape! Sometimes you need a little reminder.

Pecan Park is a nice place adjacent to a flea market (which we perused on Saturday) but its not really near anything, except Jacksonville International Airport. Brought back memories of living under a flight path in Rochester, NY. It really wasn’t bad at all. I think I heard six planes or so a day and nothing before 7am or after 10pm. There’s not much to look at, no trees or stream or anything really. But each site has a concrete slab and concrete patio table and benches which were really nice. My kids met the only other kids in the park and they happened to be right next door. Divagirl would make faces out of the window at the crack of dawn and I could hear the boy outside asking “why aren’t they awake yet?”

Um, yeah, we don’t get up until 9:30’ish. The perks of not having to commute anywhere.

We took the opportunity to do laundry and they had a really convoluted system that is worth mentioning. The washers and dryers don’t take coins or bills or credit card.  You have to go to the office and leave a $5 deposit (cash-only), then they will give you a laundry card that you have to put money on (separate from the deposit) – also cash-only. You need to know exactly how many loads you’ll be doing and add up the money correctly because if you put extra on, you won’t get a refund; loads were $2.00 each. Then when you are done, you need to return to the office and return the card and they give you your deposit back. Did I mention it was a fully cash transaction? Crazy.

All in all it was a nice place to stay and catch up on work and school.

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