Pre-Rally Events

So we are here in Live Oak, FL for the Fulltime Families Rally that starts Thursday, and we’ve met some great people and Divagirl is in her element with kids to play with everywhere you look! I’ve had some wonderful one-on-one chats with some ladies and found several things in common including a fellow Downton Abbey fan.

During the day the adults are chatting and the kids are running a muck through the wilderness. At night there’s usually a bonfire that the grown-ups hang out at while the kids watch a movie projected on a sheet hung in the nearby pavilion.

Everybody is worn out at bedtime and some dedicated souls are even getting lessons completed as well. Meals are spur of the moment or fend for yourself but usually we’re all to busy to eat. Chances are we’ll all end up coming down with something after the rally but we’ll deal with that then. The other thing I forget to do is take pictures, however, I see other moms taking pictures so I’ll have to add some later when I get them.

When Jason can manage to break away from work for a few minutes he is able to network with the other men here and thoroughly enjoy himself.

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