Prince William National Forest

Moving slightly further north in Virginia we found a place to stay near my relatives in Springfield. This is the beginning of the Memorial Weekend, which for the north signifies the start of camping season, made for a little difficulty securing a reservation. But we were able to get the last full hookup site in Prince William Forest for a lot less money than the Cherry Hill Park in Maryland.

We’ve been dealing with some minor annoyances with our toad lately that hopefully a tune up will fix. It has been impossible to find a reputable mechanic that could check her out on short notice without keeping her over the weekend. But we were able to get an appointment for first thing Friday morning with my cousin’s mechanic in Springfield so hopefully everything will be taken care of.

It turns out it’s a transmission problem and they had a fantastic transmission specialist to refer us to. So fantastic that he’s booked out at least a week. Well hopefully we can find a reputable transmission specialist in the Rochester, NY area since that will be our next extended stay.

There are lots of creatures here in the forest. We also found a small sampling of the cicada migration. It would appear that they prefer the playground here, as there are tons of casings and live bugs all over the ground. I’m a little obsessed with the fact that you can eat cicadas and they taste like shrimp, but I’m not a really big fan of shrimp and I’m a bit of a wuss to actually try one. I really want someone to try one though! It’s also fascinating that while alive, their eyes are bright red, but as they die, they lose their color and turn black.

We also had a big snake visitor. I was about to send Divagirl out to play when just outside our door, was a really long black snake! Of course I called to the boys to come look and got my camera. We looked it up and it fits the description and habitat of a black ratsnake. Harmless.

So Mr. S grabbed the camera to stalk and “shoot” it.

Photo Credit: Mr. S

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