Part two of our journey to Pittsburgh. We’re back in dreaded Pennsylvania. Don’t get me wrong, the state is green and lush and gorgeous, but the driving (or in my case, riding) is slow and stressful. Today’s stop was Reptiland. Its easy to get to, just 6 miles off I-80.

This was Mr. S’s paradise! He had the camera and was busy snapping shots of the interesting creatures we saw. We got to see the alligators get fed “alligator chow” and some of the snakes got pinky mice (newborns). They are really well fed and the facility was clean.

There was a delightful animatronic dinosaur exhibit with a live emu—present day dinosaur.

Of course we fed the emu.

There was an alligator snapping turtle that confounded us with it’s stillness. We seriously thought it was stuffed, or some kind of display because the real one was unavailable. But after we toured around the snake exhibits and returned to the turtle, it had changed positions! It was so eery it was awesome. We sat and stared at it for a few minutes, and it would slooooooooooooowly move it’s eye, or it’s head, as it repositioned itself. No air bubbles. No jerky movements. It was amazing. It basically hunts by lying in wait, perfectly still, with its mouth wide open, waiting for food to climb it, then SNAP!

The snakes were well represented, some of which were enormous! Mr. S had several favorites. Lots of lizards and a couple kimodo dragons. Several gargantuan tortoises roamed in an outside pen. Mr. S reminded us again he wanted a bearded dragon when we saw one inside.

Divagirl enjoyed the butterfly house especially since we had just been talking about butterflies.

It was a fun stop and really well done. If we ever go again it will probably be even better since half of it was under construction. Parking was a bit tricky for Edelweiss though; we had to unhitch the car, turn around, then reconnect.

It was a great way to slip in a little science too. I’m so sneaky!


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