Road School Curriculum

Its been challenging to pare down our homeschooling materials to bring with us. Space and gross weight are limited so I need to be selective.

First Grade

  • Dolche sight words (whole word)
  • The Reading Lesson (phonetic)
  • Penmanship (copywork)
  • First Language Lessons Book 1
  • Math will be manipulatives, money and time covering patterns, metric system, skip counting, addition, subtraction, fractions, etc. Maybe Singapore Math if she masters the basics.
  • Science will be the human body, animals and earth science as it relates to America
  • Social Studies will include mythology, American history and geography plus familial relationships (genealogy)
  • Art Nature notebooks, sketching from life and crafts that relate to our studies
  • Music Appreciation, singing
  • Phys. Ed. will be running a muck, riding bikes, swimming, hiking, jump rope, ballet and other kid activities


Sixth Grade


Ninth Grade

I’m sure this will change :)

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