Rochester Nostalgia Tour

This was one of our (my) busiest ports because I grew up here, went to college here and many of our friends settled here. We also used this extended stay as an opportunity to get some repairs done on both the Plum (Saturn) and Edelweiss (motorhome).

After spending most of a rainy morning holed up at a Tim Horton’s waiting for the Plum’s transmission diagnosis, we spent our first evening with my Aunt Diane, cousin Matt and his wife Marisa getting reaquainted over dinner at Jeremiah’s in Gates. Mr. S has discovered a love of ribs and this place did not disappoint him.

Tuesday morning I met up with my friend, Julie, from Hilton High School. Divagirl came with me and did a great job entertaining herself until Julie’s boys, D1 & D2, came home from school at which time she made new friends. Its great to pick up with someone as if no time had ever passed!

On Wednesday, I headed to Monroe Community College (MCC) to skate. It turned out to be the only rink open, as 6 out of 7 rinks in the Rochester area were closed for the summer. Without any competition they didn’t try very hard and the ice conditions were the worst I’ve ever experienced! No ventilation, a foggy atmosphere and condensate dropping like rain from the ceiling, forming fist sized holes in the ice…now I know why I had to sign a release form before skating :-(

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at DiBella’s, the nostalgic sub shop from our college days, to take home with us and discovered how much of Henrietta has changed! We popped by Once Upon a Child and Divagirl scored some cute clothes—I can finally get her to give up some of the 4T and 5T clothes now.

Later that night I met up with my college roomie, Brenda, at Longhorn Steakhouse. I miss not being closer to everyone!

Thursday we took the Plum back in to have the transmission fixed and later that evening went to dinner at the home of another artist friend from RIT, DC and his family. Their daughter, Miss Ellie, and Divagirl were two peas in a pod, racing around getting into mischief and playing dress-up, it was very cute :)

Friday we took Edelweiss in to Ray Sand’s Glass to have both the right and left winshields replaced. It was a bit of a scheduling fiasco that left us homeless for the weekend, but we were super fortunate to have dinner that night with Jason’s college friend, Bob, and his family. Bob and Judi were kind enough to invite us to stay the night, which we gratefully accepted. Divagirl got along with both their older daughter, M-L, and their younger son, ZenG, which was perfect, and she played until she dropped!

Saturday we finally got some nice, sunny weather so we headed up to Canada to see Niagara Falls. We all had passports and were ready to use them. People had said there would be issues with the kids needing to prove that they belong to you (i.e. birth certificates all around) and we were concerned that might be the case with Divagirl, but we didn’t have any problems in either direction. More about Canada in a separate post!

Sunday night we were back in the good ole US of A and back at Bob & Judi’s for one more night. It was really fantastic to have a comfortable place to stay. It also gave us many more hours to catch up. There were no complaints from Divagirl and her playmates, nor from the boys who had unlimited Wi-Fi for games. We stopped by our alma mater, RIT, for a brief tour. It had nearly doubled in size; we hardly recognized it. It was between quarters and a Sunday so it was very quiet. We let Mr. T practice driving around campus.

Monday arrived too soon, but we stayed with Bob and family until Edelweiss was ready, which was around 4 pm, picked it up, drove it back to Byron, then went to dinner with Shannon and her family, a childhood friend from when our dads were partners at the Monroe County Sheriff’s office.

Tuesday I went downtown and met my other BFF from Prattsburg, Maria, for lunch.

In the evening we had dinner at my best friend from Kindergarten’s house. Renée and her fiancé, Brian, had a cat and a new kitten that kept Divagirl entertained the entire night. We celebrated my birthday early since the following day would be a travel day for us.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each and everyone I saw, and our 10 days in Rochester were a whirlwind, but due to time constraints there were some people I was still unable to see, and I apologize. We’ll catch you next time we’re in town!

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