RV Cooking

Just a little glimpse at some of the meals we’ve made in Edelweiss. Its not actually too different from sticks and bricks cooking as long as you have the right equipment.

Once or twice a week we have a treat and movie night. One night I made popcorn and homemade mint cocoa. Another night I made a chocolate cake. I used our Breville toaster oven with a 12″ pan and it baked up beautifully.

One night I made Indian food. Rice was made in our Zojirushi rice cooker (love this appliance!) and then sauteed on the stove with spices. On the propane stovetop I made a coconut chicken stew and a chick pea cauliflower dahl. The naan bread we made on the grill using the 5 min a day Artisan bread recipe. The naan tasted authentic. Everything was delicious!

We made breakfast on the grill one morning. We call them “Cyclops” but really its just an egg toasted inside bread so it looks like one big eyeball. The grill is the Coleman Roadtrip folding grill and it has both grill and griddle plates for versatility. We were hoping to be able to connect directly to our propane line but they were incompatible so we use 1# bottles. 1 bottle lasted us 4 meals.

Pizza on the grill is our new favorite! It is delicious. (As long as there isn’t a grease flare up that chars one side) We use the Artisan bread dough again and then add whatever toppings we desire. The pictures show Hawaiian and Buffalo Chicken.

Another thing, I adore using canned chicken. It totally takes the ick factor out of dealing with chicken. No raw juices dripping everywhere. So far I’ve been able to use it in every recipe calling for chicken. Highly recommended.

I can’t live without my slow cooker. I use it nearly everyday. So I was quite disappointed to find a crack running through the bottom. So sad. I’m borrowing my mom’s until I can find a suitable replacement. Of course the model I have isn’t sold anymore.


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