Searching for a Toad

When we started full-timing a couple months ago, we made the decision to not tow a vehicle (toad) and just rely on using our bikes if we needed to travel locally. We loved the idea of slow travel and the increased exercise. Up until now.

Now that we’ve been on the road for two months we are beginning to realize that its difficult getting into major cities in a motorhome. Parks are pretty far from people we want to visit. I’m okay with biking up to 5 miles for groceries and stuff, but sometimes we aren’t even within 10 miles of stores.

That’s just downright inconvenient.

We have a lovely, reliable ’96 Toyota Camry (aka our little “Peacock”) that we are letting my in-laws use, but unfortunately we can’t flat tow it due to the automatic transmission. Well, let me rephrase that: in order to flat tow it, we could have the transmission modified and install a lube pump then put it on a tow dolly, but we want to keep things simple (and inexpensive as possible) so we are looking for an affordable car that we can flat tow behind Edelweiss, without modification. We technically could tow the little peacock on a flatbed, but it did so much damage to the hydraulics that needed to be repaired once we made it to FL that we just couldn’t do that again.

After some research, we found that Saturns are considered one of the best flat-towable vehicles on the market, so we’re currently looking at used Saturns. Ones that are tow-ready are preferred – they’re rare, but they do exist!


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