Second Verse, Same as the First

One advantage to the kids spending another night with us is that Divagirl (far right) got to spend one last fun-filled evening with 2 of her best friends. They went to the movies and out to dinner and had a blast. She was so happy!

After the airline mishap yesterday I did not have high hopes for today. The kids were automatically re-booked on a new flight leaving at 6:41am and connecting through Chicago. Anyone who has connected through O’hare knows that this is bad news. More bad news is that due to the cancellation the rest of the week’s flights are completely full. Nonetheless, Designerd woke up at 4am and took the kids back to the airport to do an instant replay of yesterday. Only it was not to be.

Turns out the level of incompetence was higher than I thought. United does not allow a six year old to fly without an adult 18 or older, even if she’s flying with someone who is allowed to fly alone. They basically told him that they have no idea how they made it through yesterday. Or why no one knew on the phone. So Designerd needed to pay an unaccompanied minor fee for her, but not for Mr.T, although they both received wristbands since they were flying together.

Then all sorts of fun kicked in.

They oversold a direct flight and bumped 2 people. Designerd had to stay with them until the plane took off. Thankfully, the flight was on time. But the new flight was at 10. After packing all day and night, getting up at 4 and then having to wait at the airport for 5 hours, coming home to pack afterwards was not fun.

They got to Florida 13 min. early and their grandparents met them at the gate. I actually got to talk to the flight attendant and she said they were absolutely wonderful (of course they were) even though they couldn’t sit together. Divagirl sat between two gentlemen and had them wrapped around her little finger within minutes. They waited on her like a princess and she talked their ears off the entire trip. I wouldn’t recommend United if you had minors flying alone.

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