Settling Down

We’ve decided to settle down in…


It’s the most logical choice. We’ve lived there twice before. We have friends, doctors, dentists, family and other services already established so there’s no start-up stress. It meets all of our criteria for hobbies and activities. Spokane is warm and dry in the summer, cold and sunny in the winter and experiences the four seasons. And it’s affordable to live here without breaking the bank :)

Mr T and I flew out Sunday after the competition to secure a rental house and tour the high school he would attend. Coincidentally, the same high school that his Nana attended :)

After touring 4 houses and canceling another that ended up being in a questionable area, we decided on a really cute 1924 Craftsman home on the South Hill.

Monday I enrolled him in high school. He was most excited that he gets to take Japanese and the rest of the courses carried over that he started this year. The school is enormous! About 2000 kids are in attendance. Wow.

He’ll be staying with our friends until we drive up from California. They have a son who is a senior at the same school who can show him the ropes. They are even in the same PreCalc class which is cool.

So now we orchestrate the trip back north and the collection of our belongings from Florida…before the snow sets in. We have a knack for moving during the colder months.

We’re excited about this next chapter of our lives – we may be off the road as full-timers, but we’re definitely not done traveling :)

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Happy to hear that you are not giving up the traveler lifestyle 100% ;)
I understand that need to settle down for a bit. I have done it myself in the past, but then after a few years, I always find myself wanting to get back on this road.
I have yet to visit Washington, I will have to make my way there soon. Sounds like a Great place to see :)

Just found your site and questions abound. How is the transition back to public school going? Do the kids feel ahead or behind? How are they adjusting to the new routines? We are just starting our version of your journey and you are the first blog that I have found that sounds sane! I’m still working through your site, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your journey.

Hey Betsy! Apologies on the huge delay in replying…for some reason I’m not receiving notices when people leave comments. But to answer your questions, everyone has adjusted great! The kids are excelling in school, and we’re keeping ourselves busy. We do have times where we miss being on the road, so we look forward to summer vacation more than we used to, ha!

If you have any questions as you move forward on your journey, feel free to drop me a line! You can use “hello AT nomadicsimplicity DOT com” :)

Thanks again!

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