Seven Going on Seventeen

Happy birthday to our baby girl!

We get to celebrate her 7th year in this world and her 5th year being a part of our family.

We love her so much!

She gets to be in charge of her special day.

She woke up to 7 pink balloons with a dollar in each and I baked her a pink and lavender strawberry-flavored rose cake. Breakfast was pancakes with syrup and fresh picked strawberries from the U-Pick Farm down the road. First strawberries of the season! $1.55/pound for “no spray” strawberries. Nice! I even made jam (but I didn’t process it).

Lunch of her choosing was creamy tomato soup and carrots. Dinner was going to be the same, but we bought a pizza for the rest of us and she changed her mind. Pizza always trumps tomato soup. We rented the movie Brave and ate the strawberry cake – it was a great end to a fun day.

Her outing is postponed a bit. She wants to go to the American Girl Doll store and there is one in Washington DC. We’ll be there next week.

She has a surprise waiting for her when we get to Virginia anyway :)

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