Skink Teamwork

We are at Three Flags Thousand Trails in Wildwood, Florida once again. There are far fewer people here this time around. We hear that many of the snowbirds go back north after Easter. That’s coming up soon! We got an excellent spot this time, extra large and backed up to the woods.

Mr. S is slow to make friends because he doesn’t want to endure the sadness in leaving them. He’s thwarted all of my efforts to introduce him to kids his age. Finally we have a breakthrough. Another fulltime family is here while we are and the kids had met briefly months ago.

Lucky for us, their kids are much more outgoing than ours!

Persistent, too. He’s met his match with Matt. They made a great team hunting lizards and successfully captured a skink! We have been hearing about the wily skink for some time now, so we know how great an accomplishment this is.

Mr. T is not quite as reluctant to make new friends but he has a harder time finding kids that share similar interests. Lucky for him, Matt has a brother who is just as persistent. He and Mr. T shared some interests such as playing games and the guitar, so it was refreshing for both boys to be out with friends most of the day. For a change, Divagirl did not have any playmates, so she hung out with me.



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