Sort and Sell

This is a process of minimizing. The first step is to sell any belongings that you don’t love, need or use on Craigslist. Wait for people to call and inquiry. Arrange time for pickup. Wait for said pickup time and wait and wait and wait…Yes, that’s usually how it works for us and C*list. Although we have managed to sell 2 tables and the patio furniture.

I’ve been going through knick knacks and home decorations and deciding which I want to reuse and lovingly pack and catalog them away and which ones I’m really tired of looking at. My stumbling block at the moment is the box of old photos and the box of last year’s art work (for 3 kids), both of which need scanned or photographed so that the originals can be tossed. This type of project overwhelms me!

The goal is to get most or all of the big stuff sold first then have a yard sale for the remaining little things, donating whatever doesn’t sell after that.

I’ve packed up several more boxes to go into storage. Doesn’t it always seem that things get messier before they get tidier? The garage is on my list for this weekend. Although, the kids may win out and we may just hang at the pool and wait for Designerd to return from his business meeting. It is supposed to be in the 80s and 90s this weekend.

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