Southern Oregon

We headed to the Rogue River Valley in southern Oregon and stayed at the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, between Medford and Ashland. We’d heard how beautiful the area was and were excited to visit Crater Lake and get to know the area.

What we didn’t count on was having the weather change abruptly and ending up with rain, fog and cloud inversions :(

Everyone we talked to told us how unusual the weather was and how they hadn’t had any rain for 4 months. Yep, we have good timing. It also meant that seeing Crater Lake was out of the question since there is zero visibility on cloudy days. Another trip I guess.

We stayed for a week and I was able to skate a few times to prepare for Adult Nationals in a couple weeks. The rink was very cold and the air quality was unfortunately quite poor. I was really hoping to love it there. At least it wasn’t very busy. Rinks in Oregon, I’m finding, are few and far between.

The rain did let up one day enough for us to take the kids to a really cool wooden park downtown Medford.

Onward to California!

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