Spirit of Suwannee Music Park

We got here early for the rally so we could settle in a bit. January has been so busy we’ve just needed to stay in one place for a while. This place is enormous! I haven’t had a chance to explore yet, but the boys have made it to the river to try for fish.

We were pretty far away from everyone else who was also here early. But one of Divagirl’s BFFs was already here so we walked the half mile to go see them. Unfortunately they were napping so we walked back and met another family on the way home. Their daughter was 10 but that was good enough for Divagirl so she had an instant playmate and persisted upon them for several hours. She even got to go to the store and scored some Cheetos and a Yoohoo. What can I say, she’s knows how to work it!

I realized just how far out of the loop we were when I saw all sorts of late night fun photos posted on fb the next morning. Sad face.

I looked up all the planned sites for the rally and we are stuck way out in Timbuktu without any neighbors. So that morning I checked with the office to see if there were any closer full hookup sites. She gave me six to choose from so we relocated. Divagirl was thrilled because it now meant we were again next to (one of) her BFF(s). The boys were a little disappointed because it meant we’d be further from the river. Too bad, I was tired of being anti-social.

Now I can socialize and know what’s going on and have fun :)

We’ve met so many great families so far and more than half haven’t arrived yet. The challenge is keeping names and faces straight and remembering who has which kid. But really, those are the best problems to have.


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