Spokane, Washington

Having lived in Spokane on two separate occasions many years ago, we left some cherished friends behind. Staying in Priest River and driving into Spokane to get some ice time has afforded us the opportunity to catch up with some friends.

We met up with our friends Chris and Marnee, once on my own, and once with the whole family. Marnee is an awesome hair stylist downtown and was able to give me a really cute Halle Berry inspired cut while I was there on my own. When the whole family visited, Chris made a delicious meal and we hung out on their porch catching up and enjoying his guitar playing while all the kids played video/computer games.

We also got to see our old homes…nothing much had changed except the height of the trees. Our other friends, Mike and Casi, live in the Valley. All the kidlets were at their grandparents’ house, ours and theirs, so we had a nice double date night out at an Indian Restaurant. We were the only ones there for a while, but the food was deeeelish.

Uncle Mark and his daughter, Mea, came to Spokane for a visit, so we met up at the ice rink to skate together.

We went up to the South Hill one afternoon for lunch with Jason’s Grandma R. Afterwards we checked out a Reptile Shop that had some really fantastic “free-range” reptiles. One was a 16′ (or longer) albino ball python that roamed the store. I got to hold a hedgehog which was pretty spectacular. Mr. S got to hold a baby bearded dragon.

Spokane wouldn’t be complete without squeezing in some doctor visits. We managed to get dental cleanings for all five of us at our old dentist office and are happy to report NO CAVITIES! :)

I also got to see my old chiropractor for several adjustments and his wife for a couple of sports massages. Wonderful!

We miss Spokane already.


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