Stone Mountain, GA

Hello Georgia: Land of pecans, peaches and RAIN! I think we just picked an unfortunate spring week to visit the Atlanta area because there were very few breaks in the storms for the entire week. I think we may have only seen the sun for a fleeting moment. That altered our plans slightly since no one was very keen on sightseeing in the rain.

We were able to catch up with some college friends that we haven’t seen in way too many years. We enjoyed a  wonderful evening spent getting reacquainted and letting our kids play together; we also may have enjoyed a bit too much wine ;)

Stone Mountain was gorgeous!

We had the park practically to ourselves until the last couple days when a tour group of 14 RVs descended upon us. There was one afternoon that was dry and overcast so we were able to make the 1 mile hike up to the top of Stone Mountain. It was a challenging hike in some areas and a very gentle climb in others. The wind was quite strong at the top, but the view was amazing!

During our stay, I was able to slip away to get some ice-skating in, and was warmly welcomed by the skaters at the Duluth Ice Forum and enjoyed 3 days of skating practice. It’s the first ice-time I’ve had in a while and I managed to have my skates sharpened while I was there which, in combination, makes for humbling practices.

In the end, we never did get to explore downtown Atlanta.
Maybe next time.

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So glad I finally got connected with Eidelweiss–I was “Betty Banks neighbor across the alley” for many years and claim grandparents’ rights for all your dear family. Thank you so much for the vicarious adventures you’re allowing me to have. Blessings and joy in abundance–Martha Preecs


It’s fantastic to hear from you, and we absolutely remember you :)
Thank you for the kind words, and I’m really glad you’ll follow along with us on this crazy adventure.

Take care!

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