Sunshine Key RV Resort

If you are desperate to stay in the Keys and everything else is booked, stay here. If you have options open to you, don’t waste your money here. We needed a place to stay between state parks so we booked a “resort” thinking it would have the amenities on their website (clubhouse, game room, restaraunt, laundry,wifi, etc). Everything was under renovation. And no wifi. Actually, they had 5 channels of wifi but it wouldn’t connect. ATT 3G on my phone worked fine. Thank goodness for huge data plans.

The rigs are packed in like sardines. They do have full hookups but water pressure is very weak. It is an Encore park so our Thousand Trails membership knocked $20 off the daily rate. But still not worth the price.

The “beach” is actually a rocky coastline. But with so many people around it was really just a parking lot.

We had hoped to make it to Key West, but too many things were working against us. First, there was a marathon in progress so we missed our turn off into the park and had to go over the seven mile bridge to turn around. Yes Sunshine Key is only a mile from Bahia Honda. We thought 16 miles was more fun. We called Ft Zachary to see if we could park Edelweiss there and bike around Key West-we could, its $8ish to get in, but construction started downtown and the ranger said its been over a week since she’s been able to get to the grocery store with only one road in and out. Okay, we’ll take the bus…simultaneously calling the rental car company…after waiting half an hour past the bus stop time we gave up and started walking away when we spotted the bus booking down the roadway. I made a valiant attempt in vain to wave him down. The rental agency was slammed and never called us back. Then we had a suggestion from a fellow fulltimer that we park at the last Shell station before Key West on Key Haven Rd. and bike into town. Great idea! If we hadn’t decided to find a nice out of the way white sand beach we would’ve taken that suggestion. Instead we went to a local beach in Marathon called Sombrero Beach that had enough parking with a lack of patrons that no one minded when we took up 6 spaces.

One thing we did get is a souvenir photo of the kids in front of the “Southernmost Buoy” (replica) that one of the more permanant Sunshine Keys residents had. Who needs Key West anyway?

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