Little Girl Land

Divagirl started asking for an American Girl doll around Thanksgiving last year when she landed her hands on a catalog. Thankfully, she’s easily distracted and she forgot about it by Christmas. But then she visited with a friend who had one and was reminded ever since. So I promised her that we’d take a birthday trip to the AG store near her birthday.

A friend of mine from Hilton has a daughter who outgrew her AG dolls and very generously offered to give them to Divagirl! Because we didn’t have a place to receive packages she sent them to my aunt’s house to await our arrival.


Seven Going on Seventeen

Happy birthday to our baby girl!

We get to celebrate her 7th year in this world and her 5th year being a part of our family.

We love her so much!

She gets to be in charge of her special day.

She woke up to 7 pink balloons with a dollar in each and I baked her a pink and lavender strawberry-flavored rose cake. Breakfast was pancakes with syrup and fresh picked strawberries from the U-Pick Farm down the road. First strawberries of the season! $1.55/pound for “no spray” strawberries. Nice! I even made jam (but I didn’t process it).


15th Birthday!

Happy birthday to my first baby boy!

He woke up to 15 balloons with a dollar bill in each one hung in the living room.

Mr. T got to choose his meals today and a treat for tonight – our tradition :)

He also got the day off of school to use however he wanted.

He chose Xbox. Surprised?

We went to Waffle House for breakfast (after our little ceiling incident); had BLTs with strawberries for lunch and for dinner we had steak and salad. His treat (since he’s not a cake person) was an ice cream sundae with toppings of his choice.

He’s growing up so fast!

In about 2 weeks he’ll take his written test for his driver’s permit and then he’ll be learning to drive.

Be. Still. My. Heart.


40 Years of Awesomeness!

Today is Jason’s 40th birthday. We had a quiet day of nothingness to celebrate this landmark reminder that we are getting older (and hopefully wiser). I say we, because I’m only 3 months behind him.

Forty also brings on a couple changes.

The first change is a new job that will afford us some financial security over the general ups and downs of his freelance work. It’s a 100% remote, full-time position out of NC, where he’ll be working as the company’s first Senior UX (User Experience) Designer.

The second change is a call to health. Better eating and more consistent activity… starting tomorrow. I want him around for a good long time :)

Here’s to forty more!

Twelve Years More or Less

Some friends of ours moved in down the lane from us which enables Divagirl to have a friend nearby to play with. It also makes for a good motivational tool to get her to finish her schoolwork in a timely manner. Her and the other kiddos played spinning games outside and then devoured some watermelon.

This evening we let Mr. S celebrate his birthday a little early with his friend, Matt, since Matt’s family will be moving on tomorrow morning. Of course that also meant an extra free day from school work (which will be made up tomorrow) so they could be free-range together all day. We ordered pizza from a local pizzeria and I made an ice-cream cake to Mr. S’s exact orders (vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbles and chopped peanut butter cup topping).