Indian Caverns

The weather has been in the 90’s and very humid so we gave up on boon-docking in order to plug-in and have the comfort of A/C. We found a nice little tucked away park called Holiday Pines just off of I-80 near Langdon, PA. The bathrooms were nice and the playground was cute. Divagirl got her energy out before the mosquitoes came out in droves. Did I mention we were in the woods? Yup. Lush and green.

The next morning we got an early start, with a plan to stop and visit the Indian Caverns, not far off I-80, which broke up our day into two halves. The day was overcast with a light rain as we made our way along back-country roads towards the caverns. As we reached a fork in the road toward the end of our trip, with about a mile to go, I noticed a sign that said the fork was the end of the truck route, and there was an 8′ 2″ bridge coming up…but the GPS was telling me to turn! I panicked at the last minute and took the path to the right, and we quickly pulled over to try and figure out our options.