We loved seeing maps of where people have gone in their RV but the classic solid color USA map is no longer available. Its been replaced by one where the state stickers are represented by license plates. That one just didn’t fit with our decor ;)

I stumbled across a former travel blog who now has a permanant home and sign business. Its called and they make a beautiful vinyl map with vibrant solid state colors.


Never Did Mind the Power on the Road

We’ve been on the road for nearly two months now and we’ve stayed at various types of sites:  state parks with water AND electric, parks with water OR electric, full hookups with water, electric and sewer, and any of which would have 50 amp or 30 amp power connections. Although, we have not boondocked yet — look for a potential future post :)

When we’re connected to a 50 amp site, we really don’t need to give our electric usage much thought — not that we go hog-wild and run everything at once — but there isn’t a concern we’ll trip a breaker by going about our normal routines.


Gray Water In the Hizzzouse!

It was bound to happen, right?

We had our first mishap of our travels: our gray tank overflowed into the tub. Wunderbar!

Apparently the sensors aren’t working on the tank — although they were before we left — so we’ll have to keep the pipe open while we’re here, and I’ll plan on troubleshooting the electrical…at some point.

It’s hard to believe we didn’t notice it…well, not really. The tub was being used as temporary storage, and it wasn’t until Copperdog went to get something FROM the tub that she noticed everything floating. We (read: mostly she) spent the next hour cleaning, scrubbing, mopping up and throwing things away, but everything is operating normally.

I’m soooo glad it didn’t spill over onto the new floor and down the hall…that would have been a mess.

And yes, the tub is back to being a temporary storage space :)


Starting Out

Well this is it.

The house in WA has closed (finally!). We’ve begun our journey, although not exactly where we’d planned. We had intended to go down the the Florida Keys and then work our way back up, but we hesitated and now there are no places available. Anywhere. So we headed down to Oldsmar to be near the ice rink so I could get some practicing in. Its been fantastic being able to ride my bike to the rink instead of a 2 hour drive each way.

What I didn’t realize is how busy we’d be! The kids are doing their lessons, I’m still trying to find places for everything and Designerd is working-which is mostly normal, but there is no deferred maintenance allowed in a 31′ motorhome containing 5 people. You can’t stick the dishes in the dishwasher and walk away.

So far our days vaguely resemble this: Wake up, put bed back to sofa, make breakfast, eat breakfast, clean up breakfast dishes, start school/work/skating, start dinner in crock pot, clean up any prep work, make lunch, eat lunch, clean up after lunch, more school/etc., chat with passersby, eat dinner, clean up after dinner, play a game, get ready for bed, turn sofa back to bed, tuck in kid, clean up bathroom, keep older kids in their spaces, final tidy check, read or check internet, sleep. Wow. We eat a lot! lol.

Anyway, we’re enjoying it so far and working out the kinks. We have a list of things to modify or get from storage over the holidays, but we’re making do with what we have.