Not Quite There Yet

Well, we didn’t quite make it to Florida today, but we did make it through Mississippi and most of Alabama. In fact we’re just outside the border of Florida, still in Alabama, watching the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”.

Too cute!

We drove another 13 hours but we hit Independence Day traffic and some thunderstorms which slowed things down considerably. So we’re getting another good night’s rest at a Holiday Inn Express before driving the final leg tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the our kids and family!


New Mexico

Another night at a Holiday Inn Express. Designerd was able to do a little work last night at the motel. Back on the road around 9am local time.

Made it through to Amarillo, Texas after about 9 hours driving. Weather has been hot and sunny. Mr. S is getting a tiny taste of humidity, hehe, it still feels dry to us. We’ve decided that Texas is all about oil and meat.

Lots of feed lots — stinky!

From Amarillo we drove through 13 hours to Shreveport, Louisiana and stayed at a full service Holiday Inn (for the same cost as an express in other states) for the night. We’re really starting to crave real food. The plan is to do another 13 hours and make it to Florida tomorrow.

We’re stopping every hour and a half or so. The further east we go the cheaper the gas prices get. The highest was $4.49 and so far the cheapest has been $2.89.

The Spring Peepers are awesome in the south. We can hear the frogs, locusts and cicadas all day and night. Mr. S found a cicada in the parking lot in Louisiana.

Pretty cool!


Mojave Desert and Arizona

The Best Western in Barstow was comfortable. Look how cute the towels were! An elephant, I can hardly stand it.

We left Barstow at 8:20am and had a delightfully uneventful drive through to Holbrook, AZ. The temps in the Mojave Desert were in the 110s.

Nine hours of driving today.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s leg is uneventful too ;)


On the Road Again

Even though the little Holiday Inn Express was clean and comfortable and had free wifi, we were all a little restless to be back on the road. The mechanic called us at 7:30am and said he had to go to Stockton to get the part. He got to the hotel around 10. He worked on it with Designerd’s assistance until almost noon. Mr. S and I hung out in the room watching Looney Tunes until we had to check out at 11 then we loitered in the lobby while we killed time with Sharky.

On another note, we will have to get the Little Peacock fixed when we get to FL because the stress of being tied to the trailer and going over ridiculously bumpy roads has caused a shock problem. Its leaking hydraulic fluid on the driver’s side. The least of our problems really.

We finally got back on the road at 12:30 after grabbing some McDonald’s for lunch. I think I heard something about a reimbursement from Uhaul. We’ll see…

We made it through to Barstow without event, stopping around 8:30pm for the night. Time to get a good night’s sleep and hopefully another dull day tomorrow ;)


Across Country Storage

I’d like to say that everything went smoothly from California to Florida, but I can’t. Nothing horrible, mind you, but many unexpected bumps along the way. Designerd and Mr. T planned on taking 10 days starting the day before Thanksgiving to drive slow and methodically across the country so that we could store the (still nameless) Barth in Florida. However, it had been 3 weeks and it was still at the mechanic’s shop, apparently waiting for a part.

So we arrive the day before Thanksgiving, planning to just leave from San Jose instead of back-tracking 45 min to our house and then leaving again, pick up the Barth and leave the mechanic’s to fuel up and the steering column begins a very nasty shimmy. Back to the mechanic’s. Turns out it needed another part to stabilize the steering column. After several panicked phone calls, the mechanic managed to have the part shipped from Vancouver second day air–due to the holiday that means Monday. (Now we are freaking out a bit because we are losing valuable travel time…) Monday we show up at the same time as UPS and the supplier only shipped one of two pieces! Ugh. So the decision was made that the trip would be made without the new part.