Regrouping Week

We are back at my parents’ for a week or so. It feels weird not to have any scheduled plans. The kids have been sick with a mild fever and cold for a few days and I think it is making its way toward the grown ups now. We have the second to last orthodontist appointment for Mr. T this week and we’re also hoping to renew the boys’ passports so we can travel into Canada later this summer.

Our dog misses us and she’s an absolute basket case when we visit.

The boys are utilizing this time to make “boy crafts” a.k.a. soda rifles and wooden carved replica weapons. Good clean fun ;)

We went on a bike ride down the Withlacoochee Trail from Crystal River to the Gulf coast. It was a pleasant, easy ride followed by lunch at a local restaurant.

Other than that it’s pretty mellow.



Ellenton Gardens Travel Resort

I have to be honest, this would not normally be on our first choice list for places to stay, but it had one very important thing going for it: Location!

It’s less than 2 miles to the Ellenton Ice Rink where my competition was held. So proximity wins out over…um…ambiance. The cutest part was that we lived on “Bouganvillea” Street. (Nope, not bougainvillea like one might think). Quarters were tight and interesting having us 3′-10′ apart interspersed with permanent mobile homes, travel trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheels and the like. Add all the cars when people come home from work and its sardine city. The upside? The people were super nice and friendly! There were no rules regarding kids and guess what, there were no problems either. There were clean laundry facilities and a nice looking pool that we didn’t use, as well as free Wi-Fi in the clubhouse. We were less than 2 miles to the Prime Outlets and 1.6 miles from Publix Supermarket.

Easiest biking yet!

Being able to bike means taking the roads less traveled and seeing things that many in a car would miss. One thing would be the eagle’s nest at the top of the pole near the entrance with eaglets screaming for food. Another would be the homeless community that lives in the woods near the Kmart in tents. And then the circle of life: witnessing a raccoon sniffing for food at dusk, the next day seeing him (or her?) hit by a car on the side of the road and later that day seeing it torn apart by 6 or so black vultures. Things that would be otherwise missed if you whooshed past in a car.


Meetup at the Park

Such a beautiful day to spend hanging out with new friends! We were fortunate enough to have two full-time (RV) families not too far away, who were game enough to meet us at a park that we could bike to.

It was a nice park, although it was right next to the water treatment plant and every so often the stench of sewer odors would waft in our direction. Mmmmmmm! But the other 98% of the time, it was lovely.

The kids spent 3 hours running amuck, which, for people living full-time in close quarters, is priceless.



Ballet on the Road

Divagirl loves to dance.

She misses her ballet teacher and classmates from CA. She’s also grown about 6″ since the summer, but I’ll get back to that.

Initially I enrolled her in ballet to gain body awareness because she stumbled often. After roughly three weeks she no longer stumbled. As an added benefit she discovered her love of dance.

Its not the easiest to find cooperative ballet studios in new towns. Sometimes they don’t allow drop-ins; others make you pay yearly enrollment fees; or they won’t accept new students mid-term; then try to coordinate schedules and locations within biking distance. Needless to say, she hasn’t taken a class since June.


New Patio Mat

We had been searching for just the right patio mat to express the character of Edelweiss within our budget and kept coming up empty handed. Most mats are pretty boring, designed for the cookie cutter RV in shades of brown and tan. That’s not Edelweiss’s style. She’s a classy gal and therefore needed a unique solution.

Enter Amazon. With more looking, and directed keywords we were able to find this stylish bad boy: charcoal and black houndstooth. Yes! They also sold a black and white houndstooth but we decided it would get dirty too quickly.

We wanted a smaller size, so at 5′ x 9′ it was perfect.

It’s so nice to no longer track sand and gravel inside, however, as you can see, the oaks are shedding their leaves and making it looked lived in already. No comment on the mismatched outdoor furniture ;)