Priest River, Idaho

Once again, we’ve been so busy living life, we haven’t found time to write about it :) We do have a bunch of posts lined up, so prepare for a small barrage as we play catch-up!

After a 5-day trek, we made it to Idaho!

Jason’s sister and her family were visiting from Oregon when we arrived, so we lucked out and got to see them too before they left. Divagirl and her cousins were able to have fun together, at least for a couple days.

We planned to visit Jason’s parents for 3 weeks, which provided some nice downtime for everyone. We were able to park Edelweiss on their property, and have water and electrical hookups, although we spent most of our time inside their house playing games, doing school work and just plain relaxing. The kids loved spending time at Nana and Grandpa’s house :)