Mount Rushmore

Our way to Mount Rushmore saw a little more traffic and a lot more motorcycles. Good thing is, there’s now a truck route from I-90 to the park. There were still plenty of steep grades—they made Edelweiss struggle a few times, but we made it! At least we could avoid downtown Rapid City, SD. There’s also a new Walmart that we stopped at to grab some food.

I dug up this cute picture of the boys when they were little, about 5 & 2, and tried to recreate it. But we just couldn’t get the size of the monument the same, AND have both boys in the frame. It was weird, we tried everything. Either way, we couldn’t figure out the depth-of-field, so we took one as close a match as we could get :)

It cost us $11 to park but there was no entrance fee. We also had a perfect parking spot for Edelweiss and toad, right outside the entrance. This was our second visit to this monument, and one of the places I never thought we’d visit twice in a lifetime, but there we were.

Another beautiful day!