New Patio Mat

We had been searching for just the right patio mat to express the character of Edelweiss within our budget and kept coming up empty handed. Most mats are pretty boring, designed for the cookie cutter RV in shades of brown and tan. That’s not Edelweiss’s style. She’s a classy gal and therefore needed a unique solution.

Enter Amazon. With more looking, and directed keywords we were able to find this stylish bad boy: charcoal and black houndstooth. Yes! They also sold a black and white houndstooth but we decided it would get dirty too quickly.

We wanted a smaller size, so at 5′ x 9′ it was perfect.

It’s so nice to no longer track sand and gravel inside, however, as you can see, the oaks are shedding their leaves and making it looked lived in already. No comment on the mismatched outdoor furniture ;)