Summer in Vermont

I think Mr. S has the potential makings of a farm hand. Perhaps next summer he can come back and work the farm for the whole summer! He’s helped catch a pig, collect eggs from the chickens and helped move the herds of cows. Now he just needs to learn how to drive the tractor.

Kelvey got a new puppy the day they returned from Peru, so he’s been with them for nearly a week now. I really do not miss puppyhood. He’s an English Shepard and very cute, but doesn’t do too well in this heat, preferring to hang out on the air grate. Their other dogs are finally warming up to him now, which means active play spurts and barking sessions usually taking place under your chair or on top of your legs. He hasn’t seemed to figure out that he needs to do his business OUTside. Ugh. He also has taken a fancy to every toy, shoe or mitten he can sink his teeth into.