Not Ready To Leave Ohio Yet

We ended up extending our stay at Cross Creek another day. We just had too much to do to leave just yet. Columbus is a mecca for all things shopping. If you can’t find it in Columbus, you probably don’t need it :)

We took advantage of Stacey’s Costco membership to get 4 new tires on the toad. After that nasty blow-out in West Virginia, we wanted to make sure we were safe enough to drive to Idaho. The aluminum wheel involved in the blow-out was too far gone to reuse, but as luck would have it, Columbus is home to the one and only Wheel Medic; they specialize in repairing and resurfacing aluminum and steel wheels. Although ours was beyond repair, they did have a couple used wheels in stock that were a perfect match for our Saturn at a fraction of the new cost. We got our spare tire mounted and ready for our next tire emergency.