Tallahassee, FL

We stayed at a cozy little park very convenient to downtown Tallahassee, appropriately named Tallahassee RV Park. Many of the residents were long timers; our neighbor had been there 3 years. Its a private setting with trees along the perimeter, but the rigs are packed in tight together. With awnings extended they miss the rig next to you by an inch or two. However, the majority of the 60 sites are extra long pull-throughs.

Mr. S loved this place because of the quantity of skinks. He spent his free time trying to catch them in the perimeter getting nothing but mosquito bites for his trouble. He was able to capture one on camera.

The kids and I took advantage of the proximity to the capital to tour the Historic Capitol and the Working Capitol buildings. The historic tour was interesting with tons of Florida history chronicled in each room. The building itself had undergone many renovations, additions and subtractions since it was built and today’s building resembles what existed in 1902. Don’t forget to look up or you’ll miss the beautiful stained glass oculus above the stairs.

Then we went next door to the working capitol and had flashbacks to the airport as we went through security. This building was built in the ’70s and there’s no doubting it! Its a neo-classical high rise. The floors of interest are the 22nd which is a 360 degree enclosed observation deck and the 5th floor which has the public viewing gallery for the Senate on one side and the House of Representatives on the other.

We were fortunate to find the House in session when we were there so we watched for about a half an hour. The Speaker of the House talks like an auctioneer and the Representatives were milling around in clusters or on their phones or generally not paying attention. They voted (and passed) on two issues pertaining to animal cruelty laws while we were there, at which point everyone ran to their desks to press the yea or nay button and then resumed whatever they had been doing. Fascinating. The kids decided they don’t want to go into politics.


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