The Road Less Traveled

What a day!

It started simply enough; I wanted to go skating. I haven’t been on the ice since the competition and seeing all my fellow skaters posting comments on facebook made me jealous. I couldn’t go to RDV in Orlando because they had a competition going on this weekend and limited sessions so I opted for the ice rink in Kissimmee. It was 29 miles away and it took me 40 minutes to drive there. Its really nice having a car with us! I arrived 10 minutes before the published session to a locked and deserted rink. Hmm, not a good sign. Five minutes later someone arrives and happily, she works there. She groomed the ice and then told me that payment was to be made to the coaches since this was a freestyle session. Okay…there was no one else there! She conceded and let me go on the ice anyway since I’m over 18 :)

It was awesome to have the whole rink to myself again! Lately the sessions I’ve been skating at have been quite crowded. Calm. Relaxed. Awesomeness. The time off and pressure-free atmosphere did wonders. I was jumping higher and landing jumps I haven’t tried in ages. The ice was very peculiar, however, having a soft, almost sponge like quality to it. But I adjusted. After 45 minutes or so, a coach arrived and I was able to pay her.

I took some video and grabbed some still shots of my jumps and spins. It helps me to see what I look like because my sit spin felt super low, but in reality my butt is still about 12″ too high above my knee.

It was a great skate!

Then came the drive back home. There was an accident on 192 which is the main arterial to get to route 27 where we are parked. Traffic came to a standstill 10 miles out. After 40 minutes in 84 degree heat, we’d moved forward almost a mile, which didn’t really bother me-I was listening to a great local radio station and just singing along. BUT THEN…the little peacock died. The radio was on, all the dash lights were on, and the key was locked in the ignition unable to turn on or be removed. Ack! This is a section of 6 lanes of traffic: 2 of which closed due to the accident, 2 lanes bumper to bumper stopped cars, and 2 are the exit ramps for the Magic Kingdom. This is not good.

I motion to the car behind me that my car died and that he’ll need to go around; he gets out and assesses the situation (really nice older Scottish gentleman) and offers to push me to the side (across 3 lanes of traffic!). Several others get out and come to my aid as well while I have Jason on the phone with my last 5% of battery life. (Good timing, huh?) I get out and explain what happened and try once more to start it. It starts! Yay! So then then men who are out of their vehicles start maneuvering traffic to let me pull over to the side and let the peacock cool down a bit. Thanks to all those helpful individuals.

The problem then became how to get home not using 192 since I’d never make it at this rate sitting in traffic. I only had about 5% of phone battery left to try and chart a new course where I had never gone before. ;) After letting it cool for about 10 minutes it started right up and I ended up taking the Magic Kingdom exit. I missed a turn and went through Universal Studios (ha!) and the kind parking attendant gave me directions out of the parking lot and I managed to get onto a service road that parallels I-4. Got to see some multi-million dollar homes and pastures before I turned onto a lake access road that became a dirt road for the orange orchards.

At one point I wondered if I would find out if the peacock could swim.

But the road turned and all was well. It had thunderstormed all morning so I was thankful that the sun was out and it was enough to dry the sand road for the most part. At the lake I past a group of older teens with a car stuck in the sand at the lake. I offered to help but they said they had it handled. I did make it to 27 up near Lake Louisa and made it back home without incident…2 hours and 15 minutes after I left the rink (29 miles away). Jason and the kids were using an app to track where I was in case I broke down again. And my good little phone battery lasted until I got home.

It was actually a delightful adventure!

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