Tiny Dancer

This is performance preparation season for most ballet schools, which means more than half of each class is dedicated to practicing the dances for the big end of year performance. I knew this time all too well in California. Let’s just say it made finding a lesson for Divagirl a little challenging. After calling around I finally found one director that shared with me that I’d need to look for a school that does not have a recital. Wow, what an idea! He gave me the name of 9th Street Dance in Durham.

I searched their website for the class that best fit her needs and emailed them to see if we could crash a class. No problem, just paid a $15 drop in fee and she joined a ballet class for ages 7-8. There were about 5 girls in the class. The ambience of this place resembled NYC, even though the tobacco district of Durham has been totally remodeled and is brand new. Some of the walls are partially exposed brick and the other studio had huge barre to ceiling windows.

The people were friendly and the girls accepted Divagirl instantly. I think a little fighting over her attention may have happened. She injured her achilles shortly into the class so she wasn’t able to do all of the exercises after that, but she still enjoyed the class.

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