Training For Sectionals

We are temporarily rooted near Oldsmar, FL for the month while I train for a skating competition. USFS Adult Sectional Championships is March 8-10th in Ellenton, FL and I’ve registered for Bronze Free Skate and Bronze Compulsories. I’ve only made it to a rink twice in the last 2 months (once in Orlando and once in Jacksonville) so I’m quite out of shape. I ride my bike to and from the rink every day and practice 1-2 hours on the ice, depending on the session.

I am also trying to eat healthy while training so I’ve adopted a Paleo diet for at least the month to see if it makes a difference. (Boy, do those sugar cookies that my son made smell good…I’ll just eat a handful of raisins.)

I apologize to all my NE friends stuck in snow and ice against their will, but its been stinkin’ hot here! After the four mile bike ride I’m dripping with sweat and then have to change for chilly rink conditions. I feel like the biking is helping my conditioning though, its getting easier to bike back home after practice.

I spent last week coming up to scratch with my skills, but one element has been eluding me for so many months: the flip jump. This past week I improved a little from two-footing my landing (a no-no) to just barely scraping my toe-pick on the ice when I land, however, today, after 14 attempts (with proof recorded on my iphone), I nailed it! No cheating :) It felt so good! I even decided to tack on a toe loop jump after the last attempt. I edited out all the boring bits to a nice minute long, action-packed adventure. (hehe.)

Now I just need a choreographed program to practice!

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