Tree Top Ziplining

Before we left West Virginia, Keri was able to get all the boys out on a private Tree Top Adventures ziplining session.

Divagirl and I went into town and hung out at the old fashioned Ben Franklin store. I thought they had closed them all! It was a walk down memory lane.

The boys really enjoyed zipping from tree to tree – there were about 10-12 ziplines throughout the tree canopy, and each one varied in length and speed. Having a private tour, with just the boys and two guides, made it even more awesome.

They also learned about wild mushrooms, how to identify edible ones—bolete mushrooms, think “bowl eat”—are apparently good, and they also learned about those that will kill you in short order.

Here’s Mr. T arriving on one of the longer ziplines:

And here’s Mr. S arriving on the same zipline:

After traveling amongst the trees for almost 2 hours, the fun had to come to an end.

We all convened at home base where the boys returned their gear, grabbed a bite to eat, and then we all bid Keri a sad farewell before embarking on our next journey.


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