Twelve Years More or Less

Some friends of ours moved in down the lane from us which enables Divagirl to have a friend nearby to play with. It also makes for a good motivational tool to get her to finish her schoolwork in a timely manner. Her and the other kiddos played spinning games outside and then devoured some watermelon.

This evening we let Mr. S celebrate his birthday a little early with his friend, Matt, since Matt’s family will be moving on tomorrow morning. Of course that also meant an extra free day from school work (which will be made up tomorrow) so they could be free-range together all day. We ordered pizza from a local pizzeria and I made an ice-cream cake to Mr. S’s exact orders (vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbles and chopped peanut butter cup topping).

After everyone was done stuffing themselves they engaged in a rousing rubber-band war. It was pretty fun!

We had blown up a few balloons to decorate, which later became punching bags/weapons.  Then they went outside to run amuck before it got too dark. We sure do appreciate that the kids can run around unattended all day without much hassle.


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Yuuummmm, great looking cake. Like Matt’s shirt. So glad the kids have friends to play with. One of the rules that YOUR grandmother insisted on when my brother and I would have a dart gun or rubberband war was eye protection. Ours were made from Lone Ranger masks with heavy clear plastic taped over the eye holes…of course now a days safety glasses are readily accessible (hint, hint).

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