Yesterday was a nice rest, but today it was back to business. We still had the contents of a 17′ Uhaul truck to unload into storage. My parents were able to secure an air-conditioned 10×10 storage unit for us, but after we started loading things in, we started getting a little anxious that it might not all fit. Luckily there was a 10×20 unit across the hall that was vacant. After 4 or more hours in the heat and humidity, the 4 of us got everything sorted and unloaded into the unit. Its lovely. Even has 2 aisles so we can get to things. Our RV is not ready to contain our belongings yet so temporarily they are in storage too.

I’m detesting the heat already.

I find that I don’t do well under these conditions and most of the time I spent in the unit and not doing the heavy lifting because I felt like I was going to pass out. I can see already that our productive hours fixing up our new home will be very limited. But we don’t have a time frame so when its ready, we’ll be ready.

Just as we finished, the clouds blackened the skies and we thought we’d be able to get home before the rain, but it didn’t quite work out. Unfortunately, it was another gullywasher and we had several boxes in the back of the pickup truck that got soaked. Have I mentioned that I dislike cardboard? Needless to say we got quite wet, as did the stuff in the pickup.

Currently Designerd and my dad are building Mr. T’s loft so that the kids can share a room. Its a 3 bedroom house that we are sharing and trying not to totally take over. Which is a little hard to do with an invading family of 5. Even Divagirl helped out.

The rain has stopped so the wet boxes can be brought in. I just hope they don’t completely fall apart. It feels weird, like we’re on a strange vacation, not like this is our temporary home.

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