Vernal Equinox

Today we celebrated the coming of spring by coloring eggs. I hard boiled 16 and hollowed out 10. Last year I didn’t make nearly enough, so this year I made plenty! I also broke down and bought real food coloring. Those who know me, know I usually use natural food dyes made from boiling the skins of onions or blueberries or what have you. Not this year. I totally wimped out. But they were very vibrant!

At the end of the day a friend reminded me that on the Vernal Equinox you can stand an egg on end. The first time I tried it I failed. Then I tried again and it stayed for about 30 seconds! It was so cool! Too bad I didn’t get a photo. As soon as I tried to get the kids to come take a look, the movement of the coach caused it to fall.

Welcome Spring!

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