Vicksburg, Mississippi

Fourth state in a week! Yes, we are really spreading our wings now that we are out of Florida :)

We are here to visit the National Military Park because we’ve been studying the Civil War in American history and this year marks 150 years. Vicksburg was the last hold out and was crucial to winning the war. The more I learn about it, the more I feel bad for those who fought on both sides. The war agenda didn’t belong to the common person, yet it was they who carried out the agenda.

We arrived at our destination, Magnolia RV Park, on a Monday. Its a quaint little park, about a mile from WalMart and about 8 miles from the National Park.  When we arrived, the place was nearly empty, but it’s been slowly filling up as we near the weekend. There is a dog park and a playground, laundry room and bathhouses.There is also supposed to be free wifi but we’ve all had trouble getting it to work – at all.

The owners are also very friendly. The daughter of the owner set us up when we arrived, and there was a big TV playing an Arabic TV news station in the background of the office. So we asked if she understood what they were saying, and she said she did, a little at least. Her father, the owner, is Lebanese, and she grew up in the Middle East for a number of years. It was pretty cool :)

Tuesday night, rain was expected, and we woke up Wednesday morning to booming thunder. As we were transforming our bed back into a couch, we noticed a couple drips from the ceiling, and then a couple more. This couldn’t be good. Edelweiss has been water-tight since we resealed the roof! Suffice it say, the A/C unit above us was letting in water somewhere and the surrounding headliner was saturated. Fabulous. As we we began to sop up water with towels, we just watched the size of the water stain grow as the rain continued the poor outside.

Despite the leaking roof, today was our eldest’s birthday, so we had other more pressing matters to tend to! We also didn’t have a hair dryer, and we were running out of dry towels, so off to WalMart we went. After we got back, Jason removed the interior cover of the A/C unit to try and troubleshoot the leak and tighten down the unit. Water didn’t appear to be coming under the rubber seal, it appeared to be trickling in from the other side of it, which meant water was entering the sides of the unit and getting in some how. He also repositioned the jacks a little, so we could drain the water to one side. While we watched the rain poor down in sheets, we continued with the towel mopping as the dampness and messed with the jacks to help keep water from coming in. It worked in spurts, and as the water stain spread slowly to our overhead bins, the rain started to subside.

Eventually the rain ended and Mr. S’ persistence with a hair dryer did its job properly. No more rain is predicted until later this week so we’ll have time to figure out what went wrong, since this was the first time we’ve had this problem. We’ve been through a number of torrential downpours without a leak, so we’ll have some troubleshooting to do.

Everyday is an adventure!


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